Friday, October 13, 2006

Well friends we are back with more tips. It's well said that prevention is better than cure. Imagine the amount you can save on medical bills and loss of working hours only if you could prevent falling ill. The key to good health we all know is a balanced diet, plenty of exercises, fresh air and a tension free life style. Well said but difficult to follow. The biggest killer is STRESS. Stress is all around us, in our work place, at home, with children at school, everything you think of has an element of stress. Stress may be self created or forced on you by the environment in which you live. It is impossible and unpractical to totally rid yourself of stress. Therefore, we need to strengthen our body to be able to cope with stress without breaking down.
amla(Indian Goose Berry) morama is a excellent body conditioner. Besied protecting you against the ill effects of stress, it also protects you against minor ailments. This is how it is prepared at home.
Fresh amla 1Kg
Pure Honey(should not be heated and treated)* 2Kg
Grate the amla and discard the seed. Place the grated amla in a clean air tight glass jar. Pour the honey over the grated amla. It should be ensured that the grated amla is fully covered with honey. Tie a thin clith over the neck of the jar and place it in the sun for seven days. In sevendays the water content would have evaporated to a large extent. On the 8th day place the airtight lid and tighten it. You can start eating the preparation after another week. It should be ensured that the jar remains airtight or else the moraba will fermint and turn into wine (wine can be consumed without any ill effects after maturing).
How should it be eaten
1 tea spoon full of this preparation should be taken early in the morning over an empty stomach. Do not take any other drink or food for at least one Hour after consuming the moraba.
If taken before the onset of winter and continued throughout winter, it will protect you from cold and cough throughout winter.
* Normal honey available in the market is heated and treated. By heating honey it looses all its useful enzymes and is reduced to nothing but flavoured sugar. You can contact me in India for pure honey.


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